Swedish Network of Contacts

Före reformationen fanns femton cistercienskloster i det nuvarande Sverige.

Since 2006, there is a continuously growing list of addresses, inclusive contacts in then Swedish historical Cistercian abbeys, as well as people who are engaged and interested in these abbeys. It provides a mean for information and communication, which makes it possible to easily get in contact, and one might say that it also serves as coherent linkage. The list is administered by Birgitta Alinder in Vreta abbey.

During the medieval Sweden there were 13 Cistercian abbeys, but latterly agreements with the Danes mean that we today have 15 Cistercian abbeys within the borders of Sweden.

The convents were Askeby, Gudhem, Riseberga, Sko, Solberga, Vreta, and Vårfruberga. The nuns in Sko, first lived in Byarum.
The monasteries were Alvastra, Gudsberga, Julita, Nydala, Roma, and Varnhem. The monks in Julita, first lived in Viby.

Herrevad abbey and Ås abbey were Danish during the Middle Ages, but are now on Swedish territory, in Skåne and in Halland. Both of them were monasteries.

At each historical abbey site there is at least one assigned person, often more, sometimes an entire association, that care for the monastic memory and in different ways inform about it to others; through guided tours, study groups, exploring hikes, theatrical performances, arrangement of monastic gardens, publishing of books, and much more.

Each abbey has its own unique history, well worth to preserve and to tell about, but all Cistercian abbeys have also once been alive and operated according to the statutes of the Cistercian order. Something that means they will always have a common basis. This foundation has great significance, also in a historical perspective, and opens the door to having contact between the different abbey sites. There is for instance a need to cooperate when studying the circumstances in and around the medieval abbeys, as well as one can advise each other about ways to engage the public into the monastic history. Thus there is a need for a network among the ones who know the history of these abbey sites.

Below is the list of addresses to all the abbey sites within the network having a website.

Askeby kloster  www.askebykloster.se

Gudhems kloster  www.gudhem.se

Herrevads kloster  www.herrevadskloster.eu

Nydala kloster  www.nydala.com


Riseberga kloster  www.hembygd.se/orebro/riseberga 

Roma   www.romakungsgard.se

Sko kloster  www.skokloster.nu


Varnhems kloster   www.svenskakyrkan.se/skara

Vreta kloster  www.vretaklosterforening.se

Vårfruberga kloster  www.varfrubergakloster.se


Ås kloster  www.askloster.web.surftown.se

Kronobäcks kloster (Johanniterorden)  www.kronoback.org

Information about addresses to the contacts for each abbey can be obtained by sending an e-mail to Birgitta Alinder at Vreta Abbey..

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