Nytt ljus över Askeby kloster (New Light over Askeby Abbey), 2010. Editor Sven Hellström

In 2010, the Association of Askeby Abbey gathered the topical research of Askeby abbey in a popular scientific and rich illustrated book.  It gives some insight of life during the medieval Östergötland.  Here you find some articles about the qualitative artistic decoration of the abbey church.


Per Beskow wrote in his review in the magazine Signum 2/2011: “Nytt ljus över Askeby kloster” (New Light over Askeby Abbey), published by the very active Association of Askeby abbey.  It has set up a comprehensive study programme, and through interactive data visualization recreated the abbey as it was during the 15th century. In this context the book was also published with contributions from several authors:  Dag Lindström writes about Sweden during the 15th century, Susanne Glöersen writes about the Madonna pictures in church, Gerhard Lutz, professor in Köln, writes about church crucifix, Anna Bergman writes about the altar cloth, and Alf Härdelin writes about the abbeys’ Lectio divina (worship readings).  It is a beautiful example of how a book can be both authoritative and professionally written, yet educationally and aesthetically appealing.

The book costs 100 SEK + shipping. It can be ordered through the contact form or Östgötabok. It may also be purchased inside the church at times of guided tours.

ASKEBY – KLOSTRET OCH BYGDEN 1999. Editor Sven Hellström.

The book includes the presentations held in 1998 to the abbey anniversary the same year. The symposium of Askeby abbey became the start of the virtual rebuilding of Askeby abbey. One of the article authors is Per Beskow, who discusses the subject matter “They made us into Europeans;” Ingemar Fägerlind, who addresses the “Cistercian significance for creative gardening and agriculture,” and there are many more interesting presentations!

The book is currently sold out.

ASKEBY KLOSTER – om klostertid och klosterliv(Askeby Abbey – Monastic Days and Life) by Kjell O Lejon,professor in comparative religion, 2008. Illustrated.

The author highlights the international aspects of the abbey, its significance on domestic politics, possession of properties, as well as life inside of the abbey walls.

The book costs 100 SEK + shipping, and may be ordered through , the contact formor may be purchased inside the church at guided tours.

ASKEBY KYRKA OCH KLOSTER (Askeby Church and Abbey) by Sven Hellström, Ph.D. in history, 2003.

In this book we get a well-informed presentation of the church, and the remaining remnants of the abbey buildings. Archaeological researches that were carried through until 2003 are described, and the author gives us a presentation of the archival material that is preserved.

The book costs 100 SEK + shipping, and may be ordered through the contact form , or may be purchased inside the church at guided tours.

Sites Cisterciens d’Europe   Cistercian Sites in Europe

This guide book presents abbey sites that belong to the European Federation of Cistercian Monasteries and Convents Sites, e.g. the historical abbeys in Vreta, Askeby, Nydala, and Sko. The book is written in both Swedish and English. The book costs 150 SEK + shipping, and may be ordered throughthe contact form , or may be purchased inside the church at guided tours.

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