Forming of the Association

Ur Kulturhistoria i Östergötland. Författare Bengt Lundberg, tecknare Lars Guth.

The Association of Askeby Abbey aims to increase the visibility of the unknown Cistercian abbey in Askeby, and to show the significance it had in eastern Östergötland. Why was the convent in Askeby unknown? The church and the abbey was built during the 12th century close to a strategical situated courtyard by a thousand years old route leading from the Baltic Sea to the central parts of Östergötland, and eventually came to be of great importance for grandee families in Eastern Sweden. A few enthusiasts started to research and try to find an explanation.

At the time of the Cistercian 900th anniversary in 1998, Askeby church council arranged an “abbey week,” presenting a varied program that brought a great response in the countryside, since the abbey had been relatively unknown. Sven Hellström, Ph.D. and historian, and living in Askeby, took the initiative to a long-term, and non-profit, research program on local history.

In 2006, the Association of Askeby Abbey was established within Askeby Preservation Society that would continue the work of recreating the abbey. The interest was focused on the data visualization, and a decision was taken to recreate the abbey environment from the year of 1444.

The project has engaged experienced people, both in practical and theoretical subject matters.